December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

So I've never done a year in review post, but was inspired by my 2 best friends and their posts this year.  I don't post on my blog a lot, but it was still so fun to look back on everything I've written this year... almost inspires me to write more in 2012!

January was a busy month as I started back to school and continued with my crazy work schedule.  We celebrated Christmas with my Grandpa and Aunts and I ended the month with a youth group retreat.

February brought a crazy ice storm that had us home-bound for almost an entire week.  It was a wonderful time of resting and recovering from being sick at the end of January.  I also spent a lot of time going to my Grad School classes.

March did not include a lot of blog updates from me, other than finally getting to share the news that I was going to be an Aunt and a reminder of my need for patience in the crazy moments of life.

April included a re-commitment to my weight loss goals, wedding showers, and day retreat (and tree climbing!) with my fun co-workers!

In June, I headed out to Little Rock on our Mission Trip with the youth group.  We also had Aja's baby shower for Chase.  June is also when I said goodbye to my sweet and spunky puggle Allie.

July was a month full of sweet memories.  I attended several weddings, but was most honored to stand next to Erin as she and Mike were married.  I was able to enjoy a fun week leading up to the wedding with Nicki here.  I also adopted Lily in July.

August was busy and full of change.  I started my new menu organization and moved into a new apartment.  I spent most of the month getting settled in.  The month ended with the birth of my first nephew, Chase.

September brought lots of time enjoying my nephew, my first 5k, and a day at the lake with the 20s group before summer officially ended.

October was all about enjoying Fall after our ridiculously hot summer!  I started the month with a girls' weekend to New Orleans with 2 great friends from work.    The month also included a trip to the state fair with Erin and pumpkin carving which I hadn't done in forever

November was a month full of long days at work, continued involvement with 20s Bible Study, my 2nd 5k and a wonderful Thanksgiving break with my family.

December brought birthday celebrations for myself and friends, a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party with the 20s, and a trip to San Antonio to cheer on the Baylor football team this past week.

2011 was a wonderful year, full of changes, lessons, new friendships, and old friendships growing stronger.  I cannot wait for all that 2012 holds!

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