June 14, 2009

Dinner Dates!

When Erin first moved to Dallas we made plans to get together once a week for dinner. We started by getting together on Thursdays and one of us would make dinner and we would watch The Office! Our Thursday nights did frequently turn into one of us buying dinner somewhere instead, but these nights were a great way to get to see each other. Because she also lived about 40-45 minutes away for the first year that she was in "dallas"

Our dinners were put on hold when we both joined BSF leadership... because we were seeing each other 2 nights a week as it was (at leaders meeting and on class night!) and we luckily get to catch up then!

But since we are on BSF break this summer, we decided we should get back to once a week dinners. And we decided that we were going to branch out more and experiment with new recipes! Let me warn you... it's probably going to be an interesting summer. Both of us have very interesting kitchen experiences and I'm sure there will be lots of humor along the way!

But I started us off this Friday by making Crispy Mustard-Glazed Chicken, Twice Baked Potatoes, and Blueberry Pie!

I think it turned out pretty well... and it was a great night with one of my best friends. Good way to unwind after a busy week!

June 1, 2009

My Own Personal Brand of Therapy...

So it has been a really rough day... nothing in particular happened, just the realization that things are crazy and they are going to stay crazy for a while and I am just going to keep going non stop for who knows how long...

But I will be okay because I came home to my own personal therapy... what would that be? Cheesecakes (as pictured above)? Close... sweets do help... but really my true therapy is baking! I don't know why but baking really does help me relieve stress.

So I decided to make some of Junior's Cheesecakes Little Fellas! I made original and chocolate swirl! It felt so good to get out of all my ingredients and make these from scratch. And luckily, tomorrow if my friend, Courtney's birthday and she is having a dessert party so I got to bake and I don't have to eat it all! I get to share my treats with other people... that is the best kind of baking for me!

Now if only I could find a way to enjoy cooking as much... because even though I made cheesecakes from scratch tonight... I heated up frozen chicken nuggets and fries for dinner...hmmm

And can I just say that this was my first Cheesecake experiment in a while and it made it so much better to use my beautiful

Kitchenaid Mixer! It made the experience all that much more fun.

Ah therapy...