June 30, 2008

Hello Blog :)

So my best friend told me this weekend that I had to get a blog, so here I am! Hopefully I'll find a way to keep this going and think of interesting things to say!

We'll start by saying how glad I am that it is summer! This past weekend, my puppy (Allie) and I packed up and went to Abilene for a fun weekend with my best friends. It was such a wonderful time with Nicki and Erin. We were able to just spend time together and talk and enjoy being together. We had lots of fun--from accessory shopping and happy hour at sonic, to pedicures and eating out, to watching chick flicks and making brownies--it was a wonderful weekend. So relaxing, it just went by too quickly.

It was especially nice to get away from work for a weekend. I love my job, but working with people can be draining. I've had a lot happen with my families in the last month that has been emotionally hard and I've just been working a lot of hours.

But now I am finally on VACATION!!! I have been at my job for 11 months now and I have not taken off more than 1 day at a time, so I am very excited for my week off. I am off to the beach to lay in the sun and just relax! I am going to miss my sweet Allie girl who is staying with Uncle Nick this week, but I know she will have lots of fun!

Today's blessing: Time off from work