July 30, 2013

A Few Wedding Moments

I won't have our official wedding pictures for a while, but I've gotten some fun ones emailed, texted and sent via facebook recently that I thought would be fun to share.

 Time with good friends the night before we got married

 I loved my purple shoes
 Message from my Bridesmaids to David (courtesy of Erin)  There are 2 pictures like this, I chose the one where Nicki took on the excited face :)

 With Scott, our officiant, taken by his lovely and proud wife after the ceremony

 Eating cake!
The most adorable ring bearer.  He wouldn't make it down the aisle or attend the ceremony, but he loved showing off his dance moves at the reception
Enjoying dinner together

More posts coming about all of the pre-wedding week fun!  

July 27, 2013

Honeymoon Highlights

Alrighty, I've posted blogs for our weeklong Honeymoon.  I went ahead and posted them for the days that they actually took place--but there are the links to each:

Happy Reading! 

One Week Later

We got back from beautiful Jamaica last night and are ready to hit the ground running today shopping and getting our apartment set up--and getting my puppy back!

I've got a few pictures to post and even have my Jamaica posts all written and ready to post later this weekend (and maybe even a blog redesign...), but until then you can catch up on some of the wedding festivities on my sweet MOH's blog.  She was the photographer of the week and I am so grateful for all the pictures she got.

July 26, 2013

Jamaica Day 5

Friday morning we said goodbye to Jamaica. We got up and enjoyed our last breakfast at the Coral Cafe

This cafe was our favorite place to eat during the week. We had breakfast there each day as well as one lunch and one dinner. It is a buffet with a combination of Jamaican food as well as some American favorites. 

We took a little walk down by the beach before stopping by the gift shop and heading to the airport. 

Goodbye Jamaica!  It was fun- but we're a little ready to be home

July 25, 2013

Jamaica Day 4

Thursday we woke up ready to finally go ziplining. We headed back to Mystic Mountain and soon enough were on our way up the mountain for zip lining

The view on the way up was amazing!

We got all geared up and headed out to the zip lines with 2 other couples and our guides 

The zip lines were so fun!  We loved them!!

And we survived them. Then we headed back up the mountain to hang out at their pool for a while

We headed back to our resort for some time at the pool there before spending the later afternoon resting. 

We got cleaned up and dressed up and headed to dinner for our last night there before heading to the room to pack up 

July 24, 2013

Jamaica Day 3: the day we almost went zip lining- twice

We woke up Wednesday ready to start our excursion we'd had booked since June. We ate at the breakfast buffet and then headed to find our ride.

We had booked a ziplining tour about an hour and a half away with a pick up at a hotel about 30 minutes from ours. We went to the concierge desk the day before to make sure we would have a ride and they said just to come down there when we needed to go and they'd get a driver to take us. Alas 9;15 rolled around and no one was at the concierge desk- for like 10 minutes- so we were redirected to the tour desk and they thought they might be able to get us on a bus. When 9:30 rolled around and we weren't close to getting on a bus we realized we weren't going to make it to the other hotel for our ride. 

So we decided to book a Zip lining tour through our hotel to leave at 11:40. We sat by the pool to pass the time and then headed to mystic mountain. 

Pretty huh?  Too bad the ride to the top was broken. So we waited for an hour and were told to reschedule. Back to the hotel we went. 

Luckily the tour group was great and was able to switch our stuff around to go to the falls Wednesday instead of Thursday so we could go ziplining Thursday. 

So then Wednesday could be the day we saw Dunn's River Falls! 

To continue the day of unpredictableness we really had no idea what to expect. And didn't know that it would be a getting soaked kind of excursion. But the water actually felt really refreshing as we hiked up. 

There were a lot of people and groups going up

We really had a lot of fun!

July 23, 2013

Jamaica Day 2

We spent Tuesday at the resort. Sunrise is at 5:40, so that's about when I woke up.  So we headed down to the beach early and got some great spots to hang out by the ocean

My Jamaica pedicure :) 

Then we hung out by the pool for most of the rest of the day until lunch 

That's a bar. In the middle of the pool. Hello all inclusive resort :)

We had a lazy afternoon of napping before heading to a beach party put on by the resort 

I don't know that there are many views prettier than the sunset over the ocean

July 22, 2013

Jamaica Day 1

We flew out of dallas and got to Jamaica Monday afternoon.  We took a bus to our resort and made it there late afternoon

David practiced his excited face for me because he was excited to get there!  Monday we explored the resort 

The view from our balcony

Hello beautiful Jamaica 

July 21, 2013

Honeymoon: Dallas Leg of the Tour

We stayed in Dallas for our first 2 nights after we got married.

Saturday after the wedding we headed downtown to the Adolphus Hotel.  It is a historic hotel and we stayed on the 22 floor with a great view of some of the downtown buildings.  The room we stayed in was gorgeous and it was a fun experience, staying somewhere neither of us had been.

Sunday we headed back to our apartment (kinda weird, that it's now ours instead of just his!) to pack up a little.  We both took naps before heading to the Gaylord for Sunday night.

Right after we got engaged we had talked about how fun it could be to stay the Gaylord after we got married.  There was some convention there where it was booked through the 20th, so when I saw there were no rooms available I just put it out of my mind.  David's mom ended up calling and getting us a room for Sunday night and it was such a great experience for us.

 This is kinda what the Gaylord looks like (Lego style!)
 The view from the balcony in our room
 We had dinner at the Cantina which is in the Riverwalk section.  Complete with queso, fajitas, tableside guacamole and yummy margaritas!  Definitely one of the best meals of the week

One of the things we thought was kinda funny was that when the guy brought our bags to our room, he said "if you need anything just press that smiley face."  Sure enough on the phone there is a smiley face button labeled "consider it done"  Definitely a Gaylord-touch!

Monday morning we got up early and headed to the airport for Jamaica!

July 20, 2013

Wedding Day!

I woke up Saturday and the big day was finally here!  I slept until 6:00 (which I was honestly surprised I wasn't up earlier!) and finished up my letter to give to David that afternoon.  

I left my room to see that Nicki had set up balloons to start the celebration!  She and I headed downstairs to enjoy the hotel breakfast and it was a great morning of catching up with her.

Soon enough everyone else started arriving and sweet Melissa got started on my hair

 I definitely enjoyed someone else fixing my hair!

 I went over some reception details with Sarah so she would feel ready to head over and get it all set up for us (what a blessing she was!)

 Last few bobby pins put in
 Then it was time to finish up my makeup
 My lovely pre-wedding photographer!
 Sparkle powder :)
 I got to the church to find this sweet letter from my almost-husband

 We checked on the flowers and they were still doing well

We got to check out my beautiful bouquet that we hadn't seen yet.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and how she attached it to the Bible my family has passed down through the years

 My mom got me into my dress
 And Melissa put on my veil so we could head to take some formal pictures!

We headed back to the room and had about an hour to kill, but it went by pretty quickly.  I was lucky to be surrounded by such great friends

 Laughs with my sweet nephew

 Photo ops with my best friends

 Seeing Sami for the first time that day

Then it was time for a few final details
 Reading the letter David wrote...
 ...a prayer with our awesome officiant...
... a final sip of water..
...touching up some curls
... and a final touch up of lipgloss.

Then it was time to go see my groom!  

It was such a wonderful morning and the day only got better from there.  For now that's all of the pictures and story until we got our official ones back and then there will be more posts to come.