March 7, 2010

Spring Break!

So although I don't officially get a Spring Break, I am taking this week off to go to San Angelo and help my friend, Lara, get ready for her wedding next week. Spring Break for most of the schools around here is the week of the 15th and that is actually one of the busiest weeks of my year because I have so many parents that are teachers. So I am taking advantage of some of my PTO and spending this week getting away from everything.

I started out my Spring Break with a very fun weekend. Every spring, our Youth Group has a lock-in and then we go first thing in the morning and kidnap all of the new 6th graders once they finish Confirmation. Well this year we have 14 new kids and about half of them are younger siblings of youth members who were expecting the kidnapping so we decided to throw them off a little. We told them they weren't getting kidnapped, and they were going to have their own lock-in at the end of Confirmation to celebrate and then they would start going to youth that weekend. But then the youth surprised them at the lock-in and everyone went to Group Dynamix together!

Group Dynamix is an indoor high ropes course that also has inflatables and other team building activities. We went for 3 hours and had a BLAST. Our youth coordinator, Jenny was my partner for the ropes course. And we spent about the first hour of the time cheering on some of our youth who were having a harder time with the heights.

Then we decided it was only fair for us to try the difficult courses we had just cheered them through. Here is a picture of one of our trips across... we didn't exactly do things right, but we had fun doing it:
Then we switched partners so Jenny could go across with one of the more hesitant kiddos. So here is my 2nd partner, Lauren, having a BLAST on the zip line:
After the ropes course we played on some inflatable toys that they had. There was an obstacle course with 2 sides so 2 people could race. And then a box ring which, as you can see, Jenny and I enjoyed very much:

After the lock-in, I went to stay at my mom's for the rest of the weekend. I spent Saturday resting and watching movies with my family. And today we celebrated my mom's birthday with a yummy brunch at Blue Mesa Grill followed by games back at her house. And we had this yummy Chocolate Fudge Cake that I made:

It was my first attempt at a layer cake and I think it turned out pretty well!! I had a great afternoon hanging out with my family.

Now I am enjoying a night of watching the Oscars :)