August 29, 2008

Dog Park!

So today when I got off work Allie and I headed to the dog park (which I know I've talked about before--but it really is our favorite place!). She has been very neglected the last few weeks because I've been working lots of late nights, so I figured she was due for a special treat.

She played harder than usual today at the dog park and had a blast! Usually she runs around with dogs for about 15 minutes and then comes and sits by me and watches--she will occasionally join in, but usually just stays by my side. But today she ran for a full hour straight! There were not as many dogs there as usual and most of them are close to her size, so she had lots of fun playing! I even took a few pictures to show you all the fun she had!

She made lots of new friends and we can't wait to go back! I am feeling very blessed that it is a 3 day weekend and I will be able to relax. And I'm very excited about dinner tomorrow with Erin, Nicki and Mathis! Should be a great weekend.

August 24, 2008


I had a hectic (but good!) weekend! I took off on Friday because I had some stuff to take care of. I started by dropping Allie off at the vet for her appointment and shots. Then I came home and did lots of cleaning in my apartment which felt SO good! I took my car to the Mazda Service Center for it's 30,000 mile maintenance (which by the way, the guy was shocked that I had an 08 that already had 30,000 miles on it-- I have had my car 16 months and it has 31,500 miles already...oh the joys of driving for work!). It was a long and frustrating ordeal (I'll spare you the details here!) but it took so long my mom and I were late for our first night of the Women of Faith Conference!

But we got to the conference on Friday night and were able to hear some music and some talks before we had to leave to pick my aunt up at the airport (but we left right as Sheila Walsh was starting and I was sad because she is my favorite!) We went to get my Aunt and then went home to rest up for a busy Saturday!!

On Saturday, we headed back to the conference and were able to hear Patsy talk and then Natalie Grant sang which was amazing! We had to leave for the middle of the day, but came back in time for the last 2 talks. It was a great conference and just what I needed right now!

Saturday we also attended A Service of Home Going for my Pastor Russ Noland (which is why we left during the middle of the day for the conference). It was a very beautiful service of remembering his life and his ministry. People spoke so well of his love for Starbucks, Playing the Guitar, Preaching, Ministering to People, and having vision. It was a wonderful celebration of his life and ministry and remembering that he is much better off than any of us right now, because he is "drinking Starbucks at the Heavenly 19th Hole" as his wife has said. He will be deeply missed.

Then Allie and I stayed at my mom's house the rest of the weekend and went to lunch with my family today. Now she is passed out on my bed from a long weekend and I am about to join her!

August 20, 2008

Longing for Fall...

The weather this week has been very rainy and cool, and it has made me want fall to get here! Last night I was at home and I just wanted to curl up under a blanket and it made me think of fall time and I got really excited about it coming. I know that we still have a long time left of Texas heat, but this week has given me a reminder of cooler weather in store for us and all that comes along with that--jackets and pumpkin muffins and walks with allie where we're not dying of heat!
Not to mention that this summer has not been very good at all and I'm ready for a new season! So here's to hoping for fall, with the way the months are flying by it will be here before I know it!

August 16, 2008

still breaking...

It's been a rough week to say the least

Today I went to a memorial service for my Pastor--Russ Noland-- who passed away on Thursday evening. A man who was so full of life and laughter. Who always challenged people to ask questions and think beyond their comfort level. Who loved so deeply and never failed to tell people how much he cared about them. I sat in the church I grew up in that I have watched go through many changes and various trials, surrounded by so many people that I love and my heart broke. Because now this group is without their shepherd that they had grown to love so much. His wife spoke of how he always said that this is where he wanted to be in the end, and my heart broke. Our associate pastor spoke beautifully of Russ' spirit and he challenged us to press on--to remember that our work is not through. And my heart broke.

I stood at the back of the church holding a woman who has touched my life on countless occassions--a mother of 4 who lost her husband about a month ago. And my heart broke. For all her questions, for her precious children who are hurting so much.

And yet, in the midst of all the heart ache, there is hope. My mom and I were talking earlier and I made a comment that it just seems like there is so much that has happened lately to people I know and love. And she said "but there were babies born this week too." And this is so true--I have a new cousin! My cousin Kiersten welcomed her 4th little girl, Kailey Ann on Tuesday night!

So as Brady encouraged me to do, I press on. With hope that Russ is with our precious Lord playing his guitar. With hope that God will heal each broken heart and will answer each question in His time. With hope that He will carry me through tomorrow even though I have no idea what to do, how to keep going after everything that has happened this week. With hope that He holds every tear in His hands. Knowing that He is faithful. He is no less faithful today than he was on Tuesday when I wrote of all that is good.

August 14, 2008

and the moments when your heart breaks...

I wrote on Tuesday about the little reminders of reasons to smile. Of things that just make my heart happy. Who knew that only 24 hours later my heart would be breaking? I can't go into much detail here--but last night was rough and so was today. It just makes me realize how quickly life changes. How much we should not take each moment for granted. As my heart was aching last night, I also saw God working. In the details of encounters. In the way that certain things did not happen as planned which ended up being so much better than if they had. And once again I was reminded of God's faithfulness, of His promises--in the moments when everything is wonderful and in the moments when everything you know is shaken.

Great is thy faithfulness Oh God my Father, there is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not; As Thou has been Thou forever will be.

August 12, 2008

little reminders...

I love those moments during the day when there are little reminders of how wonderful life really is. The simple things that happen that just make you smile. That melt your heart or remind you of all that is good. Today I was lucky enough to have a few of those moments.

I spent my afternoon at work doing an evaluation on twins that are in the foster care system. They are less than 1 month old and were so precious! And despite everything that these little lives have already been through--they are both doing so well. Such precious little girls that just made my heart a little lighter!

Then tonight I went to CVS to pick up a few things. And there was a little boy (about 10 year old) in front of me in line. And he turned around and was like "do you want to go in front of me?" which I just thought was so sweet--what a little gentleman (even though I didn't take him up on it!) and then I was checking out and the lady asked if I had a CVS card and I didn't so the same little boy was like "here use mine." I don't know why--it just made me smile. He was such a cute little boy!

I felt so blessed today to have those little reminders of all the reasons to smile.

August 9, 2008

Here's to my Fabulous Friend

Oh what a week it's been! Things at work are still very crazy, but I was able to take a day off this week which was such a nice (and much needed!) break! The best thing about this week is that one of my very best friends, Lara, is home from Germany! She had been gone for almost a year and just got back last weekend, so I took off Wednesday to spend some fun time with her!!

We started the day by spending time with Allie-girl at the dog park. Then we headed back to my place and got ready for lunch and a movie. We went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, which we really enjoyed--and we especially enjoyed seeing it together!

Last night I went to her "Lara's back in America Party" at her friends' apartment and then she came to stay the night with me. Our time has been filled with lots of conversation and laughter and I realized how much I have missed this beautiful girl!

Sadly, she is leaving next Monday to go back to school--but at least she will be in Texas, just not in Dallas. But all that means is that I have even more reasons to take Road Trips out to West Texas. So I'll definitely have to plan some trips to see both The Kenningtons (in Abilene) and Lara (in San Angelo)

August 2, 2008

A Day at the Dog Park

One of Allie and my favorite weekend activities is going to White Rock Lake Dog Park. It is an off the leash dog park, that is separated into a park for little dogs, a park for big dogs, and a park where the dogs can play in the lake. Allie absolutely loves being able to run free in the field and chase other dogs around. Though she is scared around new people, Allie LOVES new dogs so she always plays hard at the park.

Today we decided to brave the heat and head to the dog park for a little while. While we were there we met lots of new dogs that Allie got to play with, but our favorites were the 2 pugs that we met! Allie has never really had a chance to play with other pugs (she is 1/2 pug) and she enjoyed checking these 2 out.

Now my sweet girl is passed out after her afternoon of playing. She came in and crawled under my bed (her favorite nap spot) and is out. Now I am just getting ready for the Brad Paisley concert tonight!! Erin and I are going with our friend Lauren and I am so excited to see it!