August 12, 2008

little reminders...

I love those moments during the day when there are little reminders of how wonderful life really is. The simple things that happen that just make you smile. That melt your heart or remind you of all that is good. Today I was lucky enough to have a few of those moments.

I spent my afternoon at work doing an evaluation on twins that are in the foster care system. They are less than 1 month old and were so precious! And despite everything that these little lives have already been through--they are both doing so well. Such precious little girls that just made my heart a little lighter!

Then tonight I went to CVS to pick up a few things. And there was a little boy (about 10 year old) in front of me in line. And he turned around and was like "do you want to go in front of me?" which I just thought was so sweet--what a little gentleman (even though I didn't take him up on it!) and then I was checking out and the lady asked if I had a CVS card and I didn't so the same little boy was like "here use mine." I don't know why--it just made me smile. He was such a cute little boy!

I felt so blessed today to have those little reminders of all the reasons to smile.

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