December 19, 2010

Erin & Laura enjoy some Christmas Fun!

Yesterday I was able to enjoy a day of Christmas Fun with my sweet friend, Erin! She had received 2 free tickets to the Dallas Arboretum, so we decided to go check it out.

Even though a lot of the plants looked dead since it is December, Erin and I enjoyed walking around and just talking. We visited the Bamboo forest, the ponds and foundations, and the DeGoyer House which was decorated beautifully for Christmas.

And we even managed to find this tree that still looked relatively alive!

After the Arboretum, we headed out to lunch and were able to catch up there. Then we tried to go to the Allen Outlet mall. After spending 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot, we got to walking around and found that the store we needed had a huge line just to get in. We decided it wasn't worth braving the crowds any longer!

Then we headed to the Courtyard Theater to see the Nutcracker featuring these 3 beautiful girls:

One of my youth had the main role of Clara in this year's show and her younger sister played several dancing roles. Their middle sister was in the beginning party scene and was part of the Glee Club that serenaded us with Christmas carols prior to the show. It was so fun to see the ballet and all of the little kids in the roles of Mice and Angels were absolutely precious! It was such a fun Christmas show to see!

Then we were able to go back to Erin's and just hang out and spend some more time together. It was a wonderful day with a sweet friend!

Now 2 more days of work and then Christmas Vacation!

December 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So I am aware that New Years is still 1 month away. But today begins a new year for me. I've blogged a little about my weight loss journey over the last year. It all really began last fall. I looked at pictures of me and knew I was unhealthy and finally saw it reflected in those pictures. And as much as it was a New Year's Resolution to lose weight, it was really the thought that I didn't want another birthday to pass without getting in shape.

I was also reminiscing about all the times I've said this before. Each year I wanted to look better by my birthday... but I continued to not make the changes that needed to be made. So here is a little walk down memory lane and all that is behind me for good (even though these birthdays were all WONDERFUL!)



I am starting off this year of being 25 skinnier than I have been since probably the middle of High School. Even my formal dresses from High School are too big. And even though I still have 5-10 that I would like to lose... I feel great and am so excited to see the hard work and changes of this year.

And now to celebrate another year with my sweet friend, Erin!