March 12, 2013

March Madness

And it's not about the basketball.

This month seemed easygoing when it started-- a weekend out of town with my family, a few weekends at home getting some things checked off the list, work, church, friends, celebrating Easter.

A couple weeks ago I made plans to spend a weekend visiting Nicki.  I haven't been able to make it down since they moved back to Texas.  I am so excited to get away and spend time with her.  A girls weekend is much needed right now.

David's March started out crazy with a project due for his Masters Class, but he knew he just had to make it through that and then he'd have a breather.  Except the next day he found out he has to go out of town for a week for work later this month.  And March got a little crazier.

We had blocked off this past weekend to start looking at apartments since we were planning for David to move in in May.  We had 3 places picked out to look.  We loved the second complex we went to and they had a 1 bedroom that seemed like a decent option.  But we went on our way and ended up visiting a total of 7 complexes on Saturday.  When we go to the 7th, we started talking through it and really liked the second place and knew if we made it back before 5:00 they were waving the deposit.  So we headed back and on our way over I was looking at their website and saw they had a 2 bedroom (technically 1 bedroom and a den) that seemed to be in our price range--so we figured why not ask about it.  They had one available for us to see and I fell in love with it... it's a great layout, good sized kitchen (which was my big thing), extra bedroom and it was the same price as the 1 bedroom we had looked at that morning.

Then came the news... they had 1 available, but it was available for immediate move-in.  Since David and I are both in leases that presents a problem.  The office was about to close, so we headed back to his house to talk everything through.  We just kept coming back to the fact that it was just what we were looking for and hard to pass up.  To spare all the rest of the details, by Sunday afternoon arrangements had been made for one of our friends to take David's spot in his current house starting April 1.  

So we went yesterday morning and will officially have keys to the apartment next Monday!

And a crazy March just got crazier.  But I am so grateful for the Lord's provision in working out the details for timing of it all.  And I am excited to start getting things set up... I can't wait to move in in July!

March 7, 2013

Family Pictures

A few weeks back my sister-in-law and I were trying to figure out what to get my mom for her birthday when I suggested the idea of family pictures.  Lots of years my mom puts "pictures of my kids" on her Christmas list... and we hadn't taken any pictures professionally since Chase was born and there are also none with David.

It left us with one weekend to get it done.

First I went on the hunt for a good frame.  Most frames had 4 spots or 10 (or more)... so I was glad to find this one with 6 spots (which is just how many spots we needed!)

 Lucky for us, my sister-in-law's stepdad has taken up photography in the last couple of years, so he took our pictures.

And he did an amazing job

 (poor Chase was having a rough day, but at least he's looking at the camera!)

And I was very grateful that he also took this picture of just David and I.

It gets me even more excited to take our engagement pictures in a couple weeks and to have all of those too!

March 6, 2013

As Promised...

A view of matching shirt morning
Complete with everyone's name, ages, and what they call my mom  (note my mom's shirt actually says "happy birthday to me" haha--my Aunt brought all of these for us) 

There were other pictures taken, but it was cold and windy and hard to keep our eyes open--so these are the ones I'll share for now :)  

So now David has been completely introduced into the family with his own matching shirt

March 4, 2013

Weekend Getaway

My mom's birthday is today, so over the weekend we had a mini-reunion at Cedar Creek Lake.  All of us drove out there Friday and met up with my Aunts and some of my cousins.  It was a very laid-back weekend--which was much needed.  

We were right by the water.  It was deceptively beautiful, because it looks like a great Spring day to get out by the water.  But it was about 38 degrees when this picture was taken!  We spent most of the weekend inside, playing lots of games and catching up with everyone.  It was David's first time to meet most of my extended family, so it was nice to get to introduce him to everyone.

We did venture out a little to go to a nearby winery for some tastings.  None of their wines were my favorite, but it was fun to go.  We also had the chance to meet up with David's family Saturday night to celebrate his mom's birthday.

And no family reunion on that side is complete without matching t-shirts--so I will be sure to share those pictures once I get them!  Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend.