March 4, 2013

Weekend Getaway

My mom's birthday is today, so over the weekend we had a mini-reunion at Cedar Creek Lake.  All of us drove out there Friday and met up with my Aunts and some of my cousins.  It was a very laid-back weekend--which was much needed.  

We were right by the water.  It was deceptively beautiful, because it looks like a great Spring day to get out by the water.  But it was about 38 degrees when this picture was taken!  We spent most of the weekend inside, playing lots of games and catching up with everyone.  It was David's first time to meet most of my extended family, so it was nice to get to introduce him to everyone.

We did venture out a little to go to a nearby winery for some tastings.  None of their wines were my favorite, but it was fun to go.  We also had the chance to meet up with David's family Saturday night to celebrate his mom's birthday.

And no family reunion on that side is complete without matching t-shirts--so I will be sure to share those pictures once I get them!  Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend.  

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