February 19, 2013

February Update

So it looks like I'm doing good to get 1 update a month, but I guess it's something :)

February started off with me being sick... my sore throat turned in to a bad cold, so I spent most of the first weekend in February in my pajamas while David was on men's retreat.

February also included a Saturday night ice skating where my friend Amy snapped this shot

We went with a group to the Galleria--most of us had not been ice skating in years, but it was fun getting out there.

I also got to celebrate my first Valentine's Day with David (actually my first non-single Valentine's Day ever).  We didn't get to see each other on the actual day, but Friday we went out to dinner and exchanged gifts--his very sweet, mine very cheesy ;)

And of course there's been lots of wedding planning.  We started some of our registries this month and are waiting to go a few more places before we finalize them all.  We booked a caterer and sent out Save the Dates.  We also finally found a night for both of our families to get together for dinner.  Next up we are going to taste cakes! (I love cake, so this part might be one of my favorites)

And that's what's been up this month.  Maybe soon I'll post 2 entries in a month :)

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