August 4, 2010

Orlando Vacation

I spent all of last week in Orlando for a family reunion of sorts. My cousin Christy and her family are currently stationed in Japan for 4 years, so they took a 3 week trip to the states to see everyone. Since my Aunt's 60th birthday is this week (today actually!) we decided to take advantage of them being in town to all meet up for a fun trip!

We spent 3 days at Disney and it was so fun getting to see it through the eyes of the kids (my cousins' kids). Our first day was at Magic Kingdom where we:

Rode Rides
Waited in lots of lines
and ate lunch with the characters from Winnie the Pooh

Our trip also included lots of good food! Here is the only picture of all of us taken during the week (my cousin Rian was sick on matching shirt day at Epcot):
and just in case you are wondering... the wait time for a party of 17 at Olive Garden is an hour and a half, even at 9:00 at night

One of the coolest parts of the trip came on Thursday. My sister-in-law Aja and I dragged my brother to Universal Studios to see the new Magical World of Harry Potter! It was such a neat exhibit even though it was super crowded! They recreated all of the stores from the books and had a couple of rides--one that went through the Castle where you got to see all of the classrooms, and one that was riding with the dragons. I know we are huge dorks, but we LOVED it. We even got to have some frozen Butterbeer. It was so hot, but a fun day.

We also spent lots of time relaxing by the pool, eating (I think I mentioned that already?), watching movies, and hanging out. It was a great week with my family!

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