August 12, 2010

Craziness and Clutter

So this summer has been a little busy with trips and activities and as a result my apartment has gotten a little out of control. So I had planned to spend my next free weekend (which I believe is on the 28th) doing some major cleaning and organizing.

One of the tasks for this weekend was going to be cleaning out my closet. I have so many clothes that I don't wear and it's become even more of an issue as some of my clothes no longer even fit. I have been excited about this task, but also a little anxious.

Well tonight I've been home doing laundry and getting ready for a retreat this weekend... and when I went to hang up my clean clothes I realized I was out of hangers! So I started by just folding up some of my shirts that I could... but then I thought about all of the clothes that are hanging up that I don't wear, so I took on the closet cleaning task a little early.

Here is a little peak of my evening:

What all I got rid of because it no longer fits...
And after:

(I know these clothes look very squished together... but that's how close all the clothes were before, so I felt it was the only fair representation)

Um yeah... I decided it was a good thing that I'm not planning to change jobs anytime soon because I have absolutely no dress pants or skirts... at all. The only pants I have that fit are my capri's and my jeans that I just bought last week.

It feels a little crazy, but so good. I have now officially lost 40 pounds since last fall and I have never felt better. I still have about 10 more that I would like to lose to be at my ultimate goal, but just seeing the difference tonight was huge.

I also went through a little moment of anxiety as I looked at the pile that no longer fits. Do I keep it stored away in case I gain weight again? Do I get rid of it and hope for the best? It's a little scary... but I think it's all going to get donated.

So that was my adventure for the evening. And after an hour and a half of trying on all of my clothes, I am absolutely exhausted! But so glad to feel a little de-cluttered

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