August 28, 2010

Pies in a Jar!

A few weeks ago, I went with our youth group's youth council to plan out our next year. One of the discussions we had was about fundraisers for our mission trip next Summer. In the past, we have sold cookie dough and coffee around Thanksgiving and Christmas time, but wanted to try something different this year. We discussed making and selling frozen pies for people to use around the holidays and that is when I remembered hearing about Pies in a Jar from Our Best Bites. I mentioned this to the youth and they thought it sounded fun.

So since I am home on a Saturday for the first time in 6 weeks, I decided I should test out some recipes to see how it all works!

I started with all of the necessary ingredients:
I made the Pie Crust. Then I cleaned, pitted, peeled, cut and diced all the fruit and made the fruit filling for Apple, Cherry, and Peach pie
Then came the fun task of filling the pies with the crust and filling
And topping them... I used 2 normal round toppers, crumb topping for 2, and I made a mini lattice pattern on one of the Apple Pies
Now they are stored safely in the freezer to bake at a later date:
And just because I'm all about the honesty and I always say how messy I am when I bake, I thought you might like to see what my kitchen looked like right before I put the pies in the freezer:

And I couldn't resist showing off one of the pies and my adorable apron that sweet Erin gave to me last fall:
I am so excited to dig into these pies one day soon!


Nicki said...

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously might make these as gifts for Christmas! Let me know how yours come out... it looks like you went with a taller jar?

Also, I miss you.

Laura said...

I did go with a taller jar... basically because the only place I've seen the short ones was on amazon for $18 for 12... and these were $6 for 12 at Walmart! But if you can find the shorter jars, it would be easier to put the crust in :) I'll let you know how they turn out

erin m said...

I feel like this should be a song..."pies in a jar, pies in a jar, oh i love me some pies in a jar!"