August 8, 2010

Girls' Weekend

I got to spend this past weekend with 2 of my very best friends! Both of these beautiful ladies are friends from Baylor and it was great getting to catch up with them. Nicki is in San Antonio for a couple of weeks visiting family, so Erin and I decided to drive down for a weekend with her.
It was such a great (but short) time with these wonderful girls! I loved it all. Late Night Talks, Early Morning Walks, Breakfast Tacos, Shopping, Dinner Downtown, Margaritas and Chips & Salsa, and lots of great conversation!!

I am so blessed to have both of these amazing girls in my life and am glad our friendships have grown even since our time in college.

It was a great and busy weekend. And today's drive home was kind of a beating... so now it is time for bed! (I know, pathetically early...)

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