July 7, 2010

Workout Changes

So I know I've talked about this a lot (maybe a little too much?) but I am trying to be healthier this year. For the first time I have actually stuck with healthy (or at least healthier) eating and working out consistently... and it feels great! But after 6 months I started to feel like I needed a little change in my workouts.

Some of my co-workers talked to me into trying Hot Yoga. I really liked it and debated about signing up for a membership (despite how ridiculously expensive it seems...) but ultimately decided I needed not only a change, but more variety. I'm glad I went to Yoga though, because it made me realize how much I love working out in a class setting.

So I did some research and decided to join LA Fitness. I will probably at some point use more of the weight machines and cardio equipment... but the main reason I signed up is for the classes. I joined last Monday and then have spent the last week checking into different classes. Here is a rundown of my week:

My First Class: Step Aerobics was Last Thursday. I felt like this was a good start because a lot of my workouts with The Firm are step based. So it helped ease me into the long classes.
Friday Night I went to Cycling Class It may have been one of the hardest hours of my life... and I definitely was sore in some strange places. I felt like it was a great cardio workout and I burned a lot of calories. But I'm not sure how often I will go back. I'm not sure it was quite my thing?

Saturday Morning I got up and went to Body Works. My sister-in-law, Aja, has been going to the Body Works Class at her LA Fitness for the last year and it has really helped her tone and lose weight. She raves about how great this class is and I would definitely agree. It is a full hour of light weights, total body toning, and ab work. I felt as though this was also similar to the workouts I have been doing, just longer and with lots of modifications so I can continue to challenge myself. I will definitely be going back (in fact... I took advantage of my day off on Monday and went again!)
Tuesday Night was Kickboxing Cardio which is the other class that Aja recommended. Definitely a high calorie burning workout and SO MUCH FUN! I am sad because this class is only offered 1 time a week at my gym, but I will definitely try to go every week!

And tonight I tried out the Latin Heat class. This is similar to a Zumba class. And let me just tell you, while it may not have been the most challenging workout... I definitely felt like it was my worst. I do not have good rhythm and I definitely look ridiculous when I dance. But it was fun!

Overall, I have loved getting to be a part of these classes. I love the accountability and encouragement from the instructors. I love that they are quick to tell you to listen to your body and not try to do everything at once... but they give LOTS of modifications for all skill levels to continually increase the challenge.

And I am loving the variety and the change. I definitely hope this will help me continue to lose weight instead of reaching a plateau now that I've hit my first official weight loss goal!

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