August 2, 2008

A Day at the Dog Park

One of Allie and my favorite weekend activities is going to White Rock Lake Dog Park. It is an off the leash dog park, that is separated into a park for little dogs, a park for big dogs, and a park where the dogs can play in the lake. Allie absolutely loves being able to run free in the field and chase other dogs around. Though she is scared around new people, Allie LOVES new dogs so she always plays hard at the park.

Today we decided to brave the heat and head to the dog park for a little while. While we were there we met lots of new dogs that Allie got to play with, but our favorites were the 2 pugs that we met! Allie has never really had a chance to play with other pugs (she is 1/2 pug) and she enjoyed checking these 2 out.

Now my sweet girl is passed out after her afternoon of playing. She came in and crawled under my bed (her favorite nap spot) and is out. Now I am just getting ready for the Brad Paisley concert tonight!! Erin and I are going with our friend Lauren and I am so excited to see it!

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