July 26, 2008

Allie's Adventures

For those of you who have not met Allie, this is my puggle puppy:

I have wanted a dog for pretty much my entire life, but my mom never wanted one. So when I moved into my own apartment I knew I wanted a dog of my own soon. I have had Allie for almost 6 months now (since the end of January). I bought her from a breeder in Cooper, Texas and brought her home with me. She is very sweet and loves to curl up with people. She is also extremely skittish and has a hard time warming up to people she does not know. It takes her a while to warm up, but once she does you are part of the family!

Allie has recently gotten into a phase where she likes to explore everything which includes wanting to run away. The first time she ever got away was during our weekend in Abilene when we came outside to find her sitting on the wrong side of the gate just watching Sasha in the backyard! Ever since I got back from Florida, Allie has learned that she can get out of my mom's backyard and anytime she is left alone for more than 10 seconds she will run out (yes, seriously, she was out there for less than 30 seconds one day and got out!). And Allie will not come when you call her, not even if you offer her an entire bag of treats. Needless to say this has been a very stressful month and has led to some stressful nights at my mom's when Allie has gotten away and scared me that she might not come back!

I went to a conference this week in Austin, so Allie got to spend the week with Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Aja and cousin Maggie. I warned them before I left about Allie's new fascination with escaping and how hard it is to catch her once she gets out because she really does run so fast! Well I got a call on Wednesday night to tell me that Allie had dug her way out of their fence (even though she has never tried to dig outside any other time) and spent 45 minutes out in their neighborhood before they could get her. I felt so terrible that she had caused so much trouble, but she had her adventure for the night.

Well now she is home safe and we are working on more training so she will listen better--we have been to training classes and work on things all the time, but she needs a lot more practice! I did decide to make Allie a new bed today though! I have been wanting to get her a bed for a while but have not found one I liked/I could afford. So I found a simple pattern and bought some cheap material and set to work. It was not hard to make at all and she LOVES it!

Her favorite thing to do right now is pick it up and carry it everywhere. She might be small but she is strong and carries lots of things around! Earlier I was heading to the bedroom and called her to come and she turned around to get the bed and brought it with her!

Now we just got back in from our walk a little while ago and she is passed out from being so tired--It's a hard life being a puppy!


Nicki & Mathis said...

You should sell these beds!! It's so cute!

Nicki & Mathis said...

Gracie ran away last night. Mathis had to drive around to find her. :( It reminded me of Allie.