July 6, 2008

last day in florida

So we are all packing up to head out today, but I of course needed to write about the rest of our trip! We had a wonderful day on the 4th. We spent the morning down at the beach jumping in the waves and floating on our new rafts! Then we all got cleaned up and headed to Joe's Crab Shack (our 2nd meal there this week!) for lunch because my cousin Noah really wanted a bucket of crabs! We had a great time, and I spent most of lunch playing all the games on the kiddie menu with my cousin Emily. We played tic tac toe, the box game, sudoku, and the word search. She was blue and I was red and we switched off finding words... it was a very fun lunch!

Then we headed back to our hotel to get ready for fireworks. We went down to the pool so the kiddos could swim and we all hung out and talked while we waited. After the fireworks, my cousin Christy left to go back to her house (about an hour away from Destin). It was a sad goodbye for us, because she will be leaving in a month go to to Japan for 4 years. She and her husband are both stationed there for the Air Force, so we will not be seeing her much in the next few years, but I am definitely planning a trip to go over!

Yesterday we spent about an hour down by the beach before we could tell that everyone was absolutely exhausted. Wendy was asleep in a chair, Noah and Emily were laying on the floats behind the chairs and Mason was half heartedly digging in the sand. So we decided to call it a day and go see WALL-E! I love having excuses to go see kid movies (even though I see them without excuses!!).

We headed back for dinner and dessert, then curled up on the couch to watch some Nick at Nite before bed!

My cousin Rick LOVES Krispy Kremes...
we have had 5 boxes at our condo this week!

On the couch with Miss Emmy, curled up under
her blanket and watching Family Matters!

It has been a wonderful week of relaxing and spending time with my family. I am sad to go home, but know I need to get back to the real world--and to my sweet Allie-girl!!

P.S. Nicki and Erin--My cousin Christy went on a cruise with her best friends this week, made me think we should plan one of those some day...


Nicki & Mathis said...

4 Things:

1). Trip to Japan?? That's awesome!!! :)

2). I'm excited that my picture (and blog link) made it on your page

3). Cruise together? Yes, please.

4). Sounds like you had a great vacation! Call me this week if you need to vent about back to work stuff... hopefully it will be a good week back!

erin m said...

yay for a blog!!! they are so great and fun :)