July 1, 2008

Vacation Adventures

So my mom and I are on our way to Florida for a week at the beach with some of my family. Tonight we are stopped in Biloxi, Mississippi on the way and I thought I'd write a little about my vacation so far...

We left this morning after saying goodbye to my sweet puppy and leaving her at home for Uncle Nick to take care of. We made it to Louisiana with no problems. Then we went to get on I-10 and traffic was stopped. We see the wreck and then a guy standing in the middle of the interstate directing traffic. While that doesn't sound like any big news, this was not an officer, it was just a random man who had been sitting in traffic, standing in the middle of the road directing all of the lanes. My mom tried to convince me that he was official, he just didn't look it--but then the police showed up and took over...

Then we continued down to I-12 where we came across the exit sign for "Baptist Pumpkin Center" yes, you read that right--we found the Baptist Pumpkin Center in Louisiana. My mom said it must be that someone's name is "Pumpkin" and they funded the center. But I maintained my thoughts that it is a haven for the Baptist pumpkins. So we finally get internet access and look it up, only to find that we are not the only ones to be amused by this sign. However, we did find out that they are town names--Baptist and Pumpkin Center are 2 towns in Louisiana. Which I must admist is kind of disappointing, but still added some humor to our day!

Then we arrived at our Hotel tonight only to find that there is Biker Fest going on! We pulled into the parking lot and it was full of motorcycles. It would not be as big of a deal, except this is not the first time my mom and I have encountered this. We have stayed in a hotel in Austin when there was a biker convention going on!

So that has been my fun-filled day of driving! Tomorrow we will finish our drive to Florida--I am so ready to lay by the beach and enjoy the week with my family!

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Nicki & Mathis said...

LOVE the stories!! Keep them coming bestie! :)