July 13, 2008

Weekend full of walks, weddings, and work...

So my 4 day week back at work was very crazy and busy! It was hard to come back from vacation into all the craziness again, but I was very glad when the weekend arrived!

Friday night I stayed at home with my Allie-girl and we watched TV and hung out. I rented the 1st disc of Season One of Ugly Betty. My family loves this show and I decided to check it out. I really liked it, so now I need to go get the next disc!

Saturday I "slept in"--Allie woke up WAY too early, but we managed to go back to sleep and dozed off and on until about 9:30. Then I worked on cleaning my apartment. Things have been so crazy that I haven't had a chance to do a real deep cleaning in a while, so it felt good to clean everything up and get things in order! Then I decided Allie needed her fun morning out, so we went for a walk and then went to the dog park! I forgot to take my camera, so I don't have any pictures, but Allie had a blast playing with the other dogs--she especially loved a little bulldog puppy that was there. She loves to just follow everyone around and run to have other dogs chase her.

After a good hour of play time, we came back home so I could get ready to go to Tonya and Charlie's wedding in Tyler. Allie crashed as soon as we got home, so I was able to get ready pretty easily. Scott came over and we headed out to Tyler. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception--and it represented the two of them and their passions very well! And I of course loved getting some time with one of my best friends, the beautiful Erin who was an amazing bridesmaid!
This morning, I went to church and then lunch with some friends. Now I am home in my pajamas and unfortunately I have to do some work. Luckily, my friend lent me her work computer so I can get things done pretty quickly. Then hopefully I can get some rest before another crazy week begins!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

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Nicki & Mathis said...

YAY for the update and beautiful picture. Unrelated to this blog, I bought a book tonight called "Skinny Bitch" and it has changed my life. :) Seriously. I need to call you and read you parts of it, because then it will change your life. I love you, and I'll call you soon!