August 29, 2008

Dog Park!

So today when I got off work Allie and I headed to the dog park (which I know I've talked about before--but it really is our favorite place!). She has been very neglected the last few weeks because I've been working lots of late nights, so I figured she was due for a special treat.

She played harder than usual today at the dog park and had a blast! Usually she runs around with dogs for about 15 minutes and then comes and sits by me and watches--she will occasionally join in, but usually just stays by my side. But today she ran for a full hour straight! There were not as many dogs there as usual and most of them are close to her size, so she had lots of fun playing! I even took a few pictures to show you all the fun she had!

She made lots of new friends and we can't wait to go back! I am feeling very blessed that it is a 3 day weekend and I will be able to relax. And I'm very excited about dinner tomorrow with Erin, Nicki and Mathis! Should be a great weekend.

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