October 1, 2011

Fall Favorite #3: Football

Every year I write at least one post about how much I love Fall Football, so it had to be included in the Fall Favorites List.

In a lot of Texas, High School Football is a way of life (Friday Night Lights, anyone?). The High School I went had a fairly good team that went to playoffs most years through my brothers' High School careers (of playing) and mine (of watching). My parents were season ticket holders and we went to a lot of games.

And even though the Baylor football team was less than spectacular during my college years, I still enjoyed going to the games and spending Saturdays tailgating and cheering on the Bears.

I'm excited to see how Baylor does this year... they've had an amazing start to the season and it will be interesting to see how the conference games play out. Today's game is televised on ABC, but since I don't have TV I am catching it on Gametracker. But as I sit here with the windows in my apartment open, my Pumpkin Roll Scentsy going and the Baylor Game on my computer it just feels like Fall.

And that is why Football is today's Fall Favorite.

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