August 17, 2011

Welcome Home

So I got a text message today from one of my loyal readers (yes there are a few of you out there) asking for pictures of the new apartment. I waited around all day today for my internet to be set up and now that it is, I thought I would introduce you to my new place.

From the entryway... Welcome in...
A glance of the rest of the apartment from the entry hallway...
Into the bedroom. Since I don't have an office, I had to find somewhere to put my Baylor Diploma ;)
The bed, bookshelf, Lily's space and my new decorations (these were one of the projects I was working on instead of packing... made for about $2 from old ceramic tiles, spray paint and letters I cut out and modge podged on!)
A glimpse of the bathroom. It is really spacious. I love it
The living room, dining room (kitchen to the left) and proof that lily came with me!
The Living Room (lily loves her couch)...
My bookshelf and decorations
The built-in shelving is one of my favorite things about this apartment. I love this bar area by the dining room
And the kitchen is amazing. It has tons of cabinet space. And I have an island. It makes me really happy.
Another one of my DIY projects... my magnetic spice rack. I got this pizza pan from the Dollar Tree and then searched for jars to use. One night I was at Big Lots searching for the perfect jars when I saw baby food jars and realized they would be perfect. Luckily I have lots of friends with babies, so the jars were free. I just spray painted the lids and added labels and magnets.
And my magnetic board from a Dollar Tree Cookie sheet... where I will hang my monthly menu and grocery list...
And a glimpse of the laundry room. Until I get a washer and dryer it's really just storage and a place for lily to eat.. but I do love my aprons and I put a bookshelf in there for all of my cookbooks.
And that concludes this evening's tour. I am absolutely loving my new place and enjoying getting settled in! Finally feeling like it's home

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erin m said...

I. LOVE. ALL. OF. IT. Oh my goodness, I LOVE all of it! haha- seriously, making crafty things instead of packing was SO worth it- so cute!!