August 23, 2011

Meal Planning

So I have done okay sticking with the meal plans for August. I still have a hard time eating leftovers for lunch every day and can be easily persuaded to run and grab something (especially on days when I am out in the field) but I have eaten out less this month than usual, so I feel like it's at least a step in the right direction!

I stumbled across this recipe for sour cream enchiladas that seemed pretty easy to make and I knew I wanted to add it to this month's rotation. Sunday night I was making sure I had everything I needed to make these yesterday and I realized my tortillas weren't good anymore.

I have come across several recipes and entries about homemade tortillas and thought that was a good time to try them out. After some research with my dear friend Google, I came across this blog with recipe and instructions. I really like this recipe because everything I needed I have on hand (and they are all things I always have in my pantry... this is the first recipe I can say that about!) and it seemed easy (and it really was). A lot of tortilla recipes include a lot of butter or lard, but this one doesn't--I know it has vegetable oil, but I feel like it's a fairly minimal amount--and they still tasted good! I made 10 tortillas out of this recipe, but probably should have done more like 8 so they could be a little bigger. Otherwise, they turned out pretty great--especially the one I had on sunday night with just a little bit of butter... hot off the skillet.

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