September 28, 2011

Last Summer Fling (...hopefully...)

Sunday I got to enjoy a gorgeous day at the lake with these lovely ladies and some other great friends. The weather was hot, the water was cold and we enjoyed a good afternoon of swimming and spending time in the sun.

As glad as I was that the weather held out for a day at the lake, anytime that fall would like to grace us with her presence would be awesome.
Here's hoping this is the last time we see that number in the forecast for several months!

Tomorrow I will begin my wishful thinking list with a series of blog posts starring my favorite things about fall! They will take up the next week as my countdown to my New Orleans trip with 2 of my friends from work (we leave next Thursday... it could not get here fast enough!). Stay tuned...

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Nicki said...

Our high here tomorrow is 48 degrees with a wind advisory. :( Too hot in Texas, too cold in Virginia.