September 25, 2011

When You're Exhausted you must Pay Closer Attention

So this week was very long and busy busy busy. I had several late visits and just spent a lot of time working trying to get everything in place. In addition to work I had busy evenings this week too which left me a little exhausted.... which leads to one of my stories of the week.

My hair is very oily. I can wash it in the morning and by the afternoon it looks like it hasn't been washed in days. I have tried the whole not washing it as often to help prevent the oiliness (because that's what I hear works) but after working out or running I can't just not wash my hair.

When one of my friend told me about dry shampoo last summer I thought it had to be too good to be true. But I found some at Ulta and decided to try it out. I will say it does not work miracles on my hair like I have heard others claim it does. It leaves my hair very staticy (yeah, I know that's probably not a real word) and stiff feeling. But sometimes I will use it if I washed and styled my hair the day before and am just going to put my hair up but don't want it to look completely gross (I feel like this post is really boring and probably more info than anyone wants to know about my hair, I promise there's a point I will get there now)

So in the midst of my exhausting week, I woke up on Wednesday and grabbed my bottle and started spraying it. After about 30 seconds I started wondering why it didn't seem to be working.

That's when I looked down in my drawer of hair products and saw my dry shampoo.

I had grabbed my Headrush (aka Shine Adrenaline). So instead of toning down the shine, I was intensifying it. Awesome. Granted, the bottles look very similar, but it still felt a little pathetic.

So there is my word of advice. Pay closer attention, especially when you are exhausted. Or just make sure all of your things look drastically different from one another.

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