December 17, 2011

Tis the Season for Scarves

So I think I mentioned in my Fall Favorites that I absolutely love scarves.  So I love this fun find from Pinterest (which by the way is rather amazing) with different ideas for tying a scarf
I got a couple of new scarves for my birthday and I can never figure out which way looks best on me.  So I decided that the beauty of living in the digital camera age is I can take pictures of the different ways and compare before deciding how to wear it for the day
This reminds me of Clueless when Cher says she doesn't trust mirrors so she takes polaroids of all her outfits as she gets ready.  I trust mirrors, but with pictures I can compare side by side (I do realize these 2 pictures look exactly the same... it was 2 different ways of tying it though... the 2nd had more and looked cuter around the neck-- see #3 from "how to tie a scarf")
And my fun purple scarf my friend Melissa made
All bundled up for our first truly cold day of the year last week

I love winter accessories!

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amy said...

#10 is my new favorite way to tie a scarf. I showed it to Mary and she was like "You Googled how to tie a scarf??"