December 31, 2011

Alamo Bowl 2011

This past week I drove down to San Antonio to see the Baylor Bears play Washington in the Alamo Bowl.  I stayed with Nicki and went to the game with she and Mathis and her parents. 

Nicki's parents were able to get us such amazing seats!!  We were on the 3rd row by the Baylor Endzone and I was able to get some great pictures this close.  Since we got there early, we watched the boys warm up.

 Suddenly a huge crowd developed because they unloaded....

 THE HEISMAN TROPHY right in front of us!!!  It was crazy being so close to it (which I'm sure may sound a little crazy... but it's been an exciting year for the Bears!)
Mathis showing off our excitement about being so close to the trophy!  
 Oh and there's the Heisman winner himself warming up his arm for the game!  It was a lot of fun seeing RG3 play live in what is possibly (probably?) his last college football game
 Then there was the whole craziness of the game.  I'll just say that by halftime we were not quite as excited as we were when it all got started.  But here is when the Bears turned it around and took the lead back!
 And that is the win!!

And the interviews with RG3 after the game
Alamo Bowl Winners!

Balloons + Fireworks seemed like a crazy combination... but it was time to celebrate Baylor!


erin m said...

Love it! So fun to read through your year. Love you friend- excited about 2012 with you! :)

erin m said...

And I most definitely commented on the wrong post. Awesome haha. You know what I meant though ;)

Kristen said...

So much fun!! I'm glad y'all were able to go. I'm hoping for another Bowl game next year! And we need to hang out again :)