February 1, 2011

Back to School

So I mentioned in my first post of the year that 2011 was a year of big changes. One of those changes started 3 weeks ago when I went to my first Grad School class. Yes, that's right... after saying time and time again that I never wanted to go back to school I am working towards a Masters.

Let me say for the record that I still really have no desire to be in school. But after lots of thought and prayer I realized that what I truly feel like I am called to do requires a Master's degree. So with the theme of being open to new things I took the leap.

I had applied to UNT for the Spring of 2010 last year for their Special Education Program. But when it came time for interviews, I really didn't feel like the timing was right and felt as though that door was being closed. Little did I know that it was only closed temporarily.

Over Thanksgiving break, I decided to resubmit my application. I found out 2 days before Christmas that I had been accepted into the Graduate school and the Master's Program in Special Education. And that began the whirlwind of figuring out my new schedule, registering for classes, getting textbooks ordered, etc.

I started classes the week of MLK and so far am really enjoying the 2 classes I am taking. Last week I met with my advisor to discuss all the plans for my certificate and then the entire graduate program. I will be working toward their IMPACT certificate which will allow me to get a teaching certificate to teach Special Education. Then I will use those hours and work towards a Masters to become an Educational Diagnostician.

I know that it's gonna be a busy road as I continue to work full time, take classes, study for certification exams, look for teaching jobs and focus on other big and exciting things happening this year. But I am so excited to be on this path.

Even if I spent my entire sick day yesterday (yes I really was sick after a weekend retreat with my youth) on this:

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