February 25, 2011

Snuggie Party!

It's a month of Celebrations!! And today is the birthday of this beautiful friend:

Nicki & I met at Baylor as well because God really wanted us to be friends. We had the same major--and basically were in all the same classes together-- same church, same sorority. So just in case we couldn't figure it out on our own, He made sure that we saw each other a lot so that our friendship was inevitable (and I am so glad!). Nicki and I started our friendship when we had a class together and would both walk awkwardly near each other to get lunch and then both get our lunches and leave... and then one day we decided to have lunch together (brilliant concept!). My last 2 years at Baylor we lived together and basically spent ALL of our time together. From Friday Morning Breakfasts at Penland to Sorority meetings and officer meetings to crazy classes and assignments (we actually had an assignment to go watch children and families and write about what they were doing without the families knowing--creepy) to working the Honeybee Classroom at Highland to making Cosmos at our apartment to random shopping trips (and a whole lot of other activities), Nicki was with me every step of the way throughout my time at Baylor and I am so grateful.

Even though Nicki now lives 1,055 miles away from me (I just google mapped it) we have remained close. She is always there when I have news, good or bad, that I want to share and to talk about the things big and little. Nicki has such a sweet heart for people and is currently studying to be a School Psychologist so she can help some of the kids who need support the most! She is always quick to share encouragement and truth with me when I need i. I am very blessed by her friendship.

Nicki, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and get to celebrate. Sorry you aren't closer so we can't have a snuggie party! Love you!

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Nicki said...

I don't care if I'm coming to visit you in Texas in July... I'm totally packing my snuggie!!! :)