February 7, 2011

Just have to say...

This is my excited face, in case you can't tell. And my excited face is up because I am so excited to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my very best friends, Erin.

(see? she's excited it's her birthday too!)

Erin is such a blessing in my life and even though I have not gotten to talk to her on her special day, I am wishing her all the best! We got to celebrate this weekend with lunch, shopping and just hanging out talking about nothing and everything for hours on end. It was a true picture of our friendship, because that's pretty much what we do--talk about a random assortment of topics whenever we are together.

Erin & I met at Baylor when I was a lowly Freshman asking for rides to church. Then we spent a summer together in Waco and bonded over a rainy 4th of July where we had nothing to do but stay inside--thus began our random conversations.

I was so excited when Erin moved to the Dallas area not too long after graduation. It has been so great to have her here as we've gotten settled into the grown-up world.

Erin is such a godly woman and a wonderful encouragement in my life. She strives to follow Christ in every action and is always challenging me to do the same and to continue growing in all aspects of life. I really can't imagine what my life would be like without her friendship.

Happy Birthday Erin! You are amazing!

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