January 8, 2011

Family Picture

Tonight we got together with my Grandpa and Aunts to celebrate Christmas (yes, I realize it's January 8th). We didn't really do anything Christmasy... just ate dinner and spent time with my Grandpa and Aunts who were in town.

My goal for the evening was to get a picture of my immediate family. We have had pictures made of my brothers, sister-in-law and I in the last few years... but the last picture we took with all 5 of us was at my college graduation 3 1/2 years ago!

It's always amusing to me when I read blogs and people talk about how hard it is to get a picture with more than 1 young child where they are both smiling or even looking at the camera.

Apparently, it never gets easier. So here is the progression of our evening and a glimpse at us trying to get a family photo.

Take #1... we are all laughing because brother on the left had just rubbed brother on the right's hair for some unknown reason?

Take # 2 we lost Nick
Take #3 mom closed her eyes! (and Nick looks a little shocked)
Take #4 is a great picture of the kids... but um short Mama Reed does not look like she belongs.

(at this point my mom says "oh let me go get my shoes!" like shoes will really help that much)
Take #5 is a keeper. Finally

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