January 5, 2012

Photo Ops

So I got a new camera for my birthday and when I was in San Antonio last week I had a lot of fun experimenting with the different settings at the Alamo Bowl and our Winery Tours.

Playing with the color settings--black and white with an accent of green/yellow
 Or here is a picture just with the automatic settings:

and one around the same time set to photograph "vivid colors"

I also really like the toy camera effect

 But I think vivid colors made for the best Alamo Bowl Pics

I think I liked the "toy camera" effect best on the winery tours.  It helps frames the pictures and gives it a different feel.  Like these barrel pics
To me, these just feel  like 2 completely different pictures

And the colors are so different, but it was a beautiful setting!

And that is all the pictures for today!

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