July 17, 2011

Wedding Weekend

So we are now on the other side of all of the wedding preparations and craziness. Erin made it down the aisle Friday night and now is officially Mrs. McCullough!

Thursday night was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. It was nice catching up with some of the people there. Here is Erin with her little brother Michael.

Me and my 2 "dates" for the weekend, Nicki and Lindsey--along with the ice sculpture Erin got for her dad.

Friday morning we went to go pick up Erin and as soon as I put my car in park, the front door flew open--our bride was definitely ready to get her wedding day started!!

We headed to Erin's boss' house for the bridal luncheon and then enjoyed getting ready all together. Sweet Becca did my hair and I love how it turned out. Then we headed to the venue to get ready for the ceremony. Everything went really well with the ceremony (no one tripped or anything!) and then it was time for the reception and visiting with everyone.

Here is me with my sweet friend Katie

And a self-portrait of Nicki and I.

And here is one of the pictures of me giving my toast. I was super nervous about that part, but was glad to have the opportunity to talk about how wonderful Erin is and how well she and Mike go together in so many ways!

Saturday was also rather busy. We got up that morning and Nicki and I had breakfast and then I went to go pick up my new "puppy" that I adopted Lily (more to come on her soon!). Saturday evening we had a 2nd reception for Erin & Mike at the church.

It has been a busy few days and I am absolutely exhausted right now. But Mike and Erin are married and now enjoying a week in Cancun for their honeymoon. Tomorrow is back to reality and work for me--but it was a wonderful week off with some of my favorite people helping my best friend get married!

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