July 30, 2011

Change are Coming

At the beginning of this year I talked about how it was going to be a year of changes. This summer definitely has held it's fair share of changes (some expected and some unexpected) and August will be no different.

The first August change is that 2 weeks from today I will be moving into a new apartment here:

(I actually face the pool, so this could likely be very similar to the view from my 3rd floor balcony!). As much as I hate the actual moving process, I enjoy getting a "fresh start" to get things set up and start somewhere new. I will be a little further from work, but closer to church and most of my activities outside of work. For the last 2 years I have really "lived" in 3 different places because my apartment was not in the same area as work or church. I am really looking forward to coming home in the evening and not having to get out too far (although I feel like far and distance are relative in "dallas.") after work.

So packing has officially begun:

It's always so sad when I start packing because I start with the non-essentials--decorations, etc. So I have empty bookcases and walls right now...
... and still lots of boxes to pack...

No wonder I would rather focus on projects instead of packing (more details on those to come).

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Anonymous said...

Party at Laura's new place! ;)