July 3, 2011

Wedding Season

Well Wedding Season is officially here! I have one more week of work before Nicki gets in to town and we start the final countdown to Erin's wedding! I am so excited to stand with Erin as she gets married. It has been a busy few months planning and the last few weeks of finishing up stuff for the ceremony and reception, but it is coming together and it is going to be wonderful!

I have been invited to several other weddings this summer. I had friends tell me a few summers ago that you hit a 2nd wave of wedding (the 1st one being right after graduation) 3-4 years after graduating college. That's exactly where I am right now.

I really do love going to weddings. I love seeing all of the details and how things come together. I love watching the couple interact and share in all the fun traditions. And I love catching up with other people I sometimes haven't seen in a while.

Weddings also tend to accentuate things that come up at other times too... one of them being the fact that every single person needs to get married right now. I know people mean well--they really do. But something about weddings seems to bring out the matchmaker in people and often in some not-so-subtle ways. I was thinking that on my drive home from tonight's wedding. Then I sat down to catch up on Parks and Recreation (I am housesitting this weekend and they have half of the most recent season on DVR so I am watching them and I love it) and the opening scene for "Jerry's Painting" was SO fitting.

I tried to find the clip to post here because it's just so awkward and funny--but no such luck. But here is some of the dialogue:

Chris: Ben, great news. Do you remember the woman I told you about from the county commissioners office?

Ben: Um vaguely

Chris: Sure you do. Cindy Miller. Anyway, she’s agreed to go out on a date with you

Ben: Oh, you asked her out for me

Chris: You're gonna love her. She's interesting, smart and beautiful--inside and out. voiceover: I love setting people up.

While this may seem over the top it's sad how close it can come to some experiences. Like I said, I know people only mean well so I try to just smile at it and laugh to myself later.


Nicki said...

My favorites are the SATC episodes about being single -- obviously too many to count, but Miranda ALWAYS makes me laugh! :)

Nicki said...

And thanks for the shout out in the countdown! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!