July 22, 2011

Introducing Lily

This is Lily. She is pretty much the sweetest dog ever (doesn't she even look sweet?). She is very happy and loves to snuggle. I adopted her last Saturday from the Collin County Humane Society. I had been searching on their website for a new puppy and when I found her I was in love. She is a beagle, hound, shepherd mix (to their best guess). They said she is 2 originally, but think more like 1 - 1.5 years old (in fact the vet said today he thought 1 1/2 was the oldest she could be).

She is pretty chill. I brought her back to my apartment on Saturday and we settled in to watch a movie with Nicki and we all took a nap. She bonded to me pretty quickly and likes to be right by my side--which I have to sometimes remind myself is what I want. I know that as she continues to settle in she will be more comfortable letting me out of her sight, but not right now!

She loves to cuddle and sleep on the couch or the floor. Over the last week as she has gotten more comfortable she has definitely shown more of her puppy side. When she is up she has a lot of energy. My sister-in-law always compares their dog Sadie to Tigger because she is so bouncy and I think the lilster (that is her official nickname from my friend Susie) has that trait as well. She bounces. A lot. She also loves to play fetch and is very good about bringing the object back to you, dropping it, and then sitting to wait for you to throw it again.

While there have been moments over the last week where I have missed the Allie Monster, I am most definitely in love with Lily and so excited that she is all mine! Looking forward to many years of love and fun to come

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Kristen said...

Awww, she's cute!! I'm glad she smiled for the pictures! :)