April 16, 2011

A Weekday Getaway

Once a year my company has an all day All Staff Event. We have training for half the day and then activities in the afternoon. This year our morning training was about grief of parents of children with disabilities. It was led by a child psychiatrist who has a son with PDD and followed by a panel of previous ECI parents discussing their experiences and needs. It was a very good morning and a good reminder of why I do what I do--I absolutely love getting to work with parents!

In the afternoon we headed over to the Heard Museum for and afternoon outside! We had options of activities--about 5 co-workers from my office decided to climb "big bessie" which is a 110 foot tree with "rock climbing" steps to get up.

Here we are all harnessed up and trying to take our mind off of the task that awaited us! I love the ladies I work with so much and we had a really great time together! A couple of my co-workers made it pretty far up (the 1st picture is of my co-worker Jill, not me!). When you are actually climbing, you don't have a good concept of how far up you are--they told me I made it pretty far but then I slipped--whoops! Glad I was harnessed in!

Here I am after an afternoon of sweating and climbing! I had such a great time. Last year we got to try out the zip line and I was glad for a different challenge this year!

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