April 9, 2011

False Advertising

Let me just start by saying that I am loving today! It is the first Saturday in quite a while where I did not have to set an alarm. On Saturday mornings, my gym has an 8:30 Step Aerobics class that I love to go to, but haven't been in over a month because I've had somewhere to be on Saturday mornings. All week I had been looking forward to going, but when I went to the gym Thursday night they had signs up advertising a free Ab Class this afternoon at 1:00. If the classes had been closer together I would have gone to both, but since they weren't I had to choose--my tried and true Step Aerobics or a new Ab Class (which by the way, as much as I try to stay in shape.. my Abs are soooooooooo weak and definitely an area I need to focus on). So I opted for the Ab class.

This morning I got up and took my puppy to the dog park for her exercise--it was such a beautiful morning. Then I brought her home, did a little grocery shopping and decided to head out for a walk/jog before the class.

One of my favorite places to work on my jogging is a bridge over the lake that is 2 miles long. They have it marked off by 1/4 mile increments so it easy as I'm building up to jogging longer distances (as in a mile instead of a half mile--I didn't say long distances, just longer, but you gotta start somewhere right?) So I did the 4 miles, mostly walking, but jogged about a mile and a half of it total mixed in with the walking. The wind was crazy, but it felt good to be outside and moving.

Then I headed to the gym for the new class. Imagine my surprise, when I looked in the group workout room and they not only had mats a weights set up for everyone, but also bikes. Yeah, it was 20 minutes of an Ab workout and then a 40 minute Spin Class. Like I said, false advertising. I am still very glad that I went, but thinking my legs will probably be a little sore tomorrow.

Oh well, I guess that's one way to work towards my goal--to be blindsided by my exercise classes! I also sat down and tried to plan out my meals for this week and then bought the things I needed for those meals. I'm hoping to stick with that list to help me get a better handle on my eating habits!

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