April 28, 2011

Jiggle Challenge Week 4

Weight Loss Challenge

So this week I am down 2 lbs!! I am very excited for this loss--although yesterday was very busy and kind of an emotional day so I had a very small appetite and therefore did not eat a whole lot (I was under my calorie count for the day) so I feel like some of that will come back on when I eat again today... I'm still very excited to have lost this much this week.

I also ran a 10 minute mile on Saturday morning (which was one of my goals for this 8 week challenge as well)! It was on the treadmill, so as I texted my sweet friend Nicki, I just have to transfer the skill to the outdoors and probably speed up a little to be able to run with her when she visits in July :) I also did my longest distance on Tuesday evening when my kickboxing class was cancelled so I jogged 2.5 miles on the treadmill with no walking.

I am excited for the things I have accomplished this week and ready for another week of trying to make better decisions for myself


Muffin Top to Smokin Hot said...

Wow, when it comes to the running... you are an inspiration! I hate running and I suck at it! You rock!

And yey for the weightloss!!! Keep up the good work!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Good job!! Two pounds is awesome - keep it up :)

MaybeThisDoor said...

Congrats deary! Reading everyones updates keeps me motivatated. Thanks for sharing. ;)