April 3, 2011


I realized I hadn't posted since the beginning of March. The reason? Honestly, there's not a good one other than I have no idea where March even went... I'm pretty sure yesterday it was February and now it's April. So here is a glimpse of what my march consisted of:

1. Work. Always. Work has been very busy this month. We had been in a slow spot, but this past month things really picked up and I enrolled a lot of babies in our program and have been busy getting everything set up for them as well as coordinating things for all of my other kiddos. I like it being busy though... just been lots of work this month.

2. Walks. For the most part, we had some beautiful weather throughout March--with the exception of some ridiculous wind... I feel like this year has been windier than others, but maybe I just forget past years. But I have been enjoying lots of walks with my Allie monster--most of them at 5 am, but some in the evenings as well with it staying lighter later.

3. Wedding. I have been busy with my MOH duties for my wonderful friend Erin. I know that her month has been absolutely crazy, and I was glad to be a part of invitation making, reception planning, dress fittings, guest list discussions and bridal shower planning. I am looking forward to all of the rest of the planning to come as the big day approaches in July!

4. Wednesday Classes. Even though we had 2 weeks off of my wednesday night class in March, I still have spent quite a bit of time getting ready for my final projects in both my night class and my online class. Lots of reading and paper-writing going on here!

5. Working with the Youth. Lots of my time this month has been spent at lock-ins, sunday school, youth and girls bible study with my wonderful youth. We are gearing up to start our next series and I am really excited to get everything going!

And that's what March looked like for me.

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