May 3, 2011

a Milestone

So last week was really long and difficult and stressful and emotional.

I had a very nice weekend away from the world and enjoyed every moment of it.

Another big thing happened this weekend:

I was driving down the highway this weekend when my car officially hit 100,000 miles so I actually didn't take a picture until today (yes I've driven 254 miles since Sunday afternoon when it hit 100K haha PATHETIC). My poor car is feeling every one of its 100,000 miles. In the past week and a half I have had to get a tire fixed, brake pads, rotors, and fluid replaced, and a light replaced. But I also realize that in the grand scheme of it all, these things are insignificant. I am grateful my car has gotten me through the first (almost) 4 years of "grown-up world" and am hoping and praying for many more years of good service :)

Happy 100,000 miles Mazda Tribute!

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