April 23, 2010

Fun with my Co-workers

Because my agency has 4 different offices, every quarter we get together for a meeting. And every April we have a full day All Staff (it used to be called retreat, but I don't think we're allowed to call it that anymore). I am on the committee to plan this event every year and yesterday was the culmination of all our efforts :)

In the morning our Program Adminstrators led various trainings about learning styles, team work, and effective listening. Then we have activities in the afternoon. Our All Staff is held at the Heard Museum in McKinney, TX and the last two years we have been down by the ropes course. Last year in the afternoon, our team did a nature walk, but this year some of us were anxious to try something a little more active! So about half of the people in my office and I went Zip Lining!

We had so much fun and I really do feel like it was a great team building experience, even though each person goes individually. Each person is cheering everyone on and helping friends work through their fears and frustrations.

Then we had some indoor (more relaxing) activities such as Yoga, Massage, Painting, and a self defense course. My friend Stephanie and I ended up being the only ones at our yoga... and neither of us are what you would call flexible, so that was a little entertaining too!

It was a great afternoon with some of my favorite people! (even if I am sore all over the next day...)

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Nicki said...

These are great pictures! Pretty girls, cute shirts, and beautiful trees!