April 11, 2010

Soda Addict

So Lent ended last Sunday and my soda addiction is back in full force! After my 40 days of just water, I was looking forward to drinking caffeine again when I needed a kick. Unfortunately only a week in and I am already back to getting at least one a day. I'm trying to pace myself and not get addicted again, so hopefully now that they are back in my life for good I won't feel like I need them every day lol

Last year, I also gave up soda for Lent and after years of being addicted to Dr Pepper, when I could finally drink soda again I didn't like the way Dr Pepper tasted anymore. I still drink it occasionally, but I started to prefer Coke to Dr Pepper which I never would have expected.

Well in case you can't see where this is going now I no longer like the taste of Coke. I have had a Dr Pepper and it's still not my favorite either. So you would thin since I no longer like my 2 favorite drinks, it would be easy to just not drink soda...

Yeah, you would think that I guess. I have been thoroughly enjoying being reaquainted with Sonic drinks! I love Diet Dr Pepper and it has been great to drink it with some wonderful Sonic Ice.

Sorry to write a post all about soda. I just find it weird how much my taste buds change in those short 40 days.

And in case you didn't keep track, I gave up a total of 64 drinks during Lent and saved about $90!

Crazy how much money I spend on something that seems so cheap and easy to get...

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erin m said...

i love that you have an entire post about soda. makes me feel better about myself LOL. because we all know how much i am addicted to dr pepper :)