January 4, 2015

Cooking Up Memories: No Bake Cookies

This recipe for No Bake Cookies is the other recipe I received in my grandmother's handwriting (along with her Sour Cream Coffee Cake).  My grandma would make these cookies for every holiday so we'd get to enjoy them when we came over.  I usually make them at Christmastime, but didn't this year so I had to think of another good time.

These cookies are my brother Jeremy's favorite cookies so my grandma would make him a batch of his own to take home once he was in college.  There's actually a long standing joke in our family because Jeremy and I have a lot of favorite foods and candies (such as these cookies that are my favorite too and Reese's peanut butter cups) but my family usually only thinks of them as Jeremy's favorite (I guess because he came first).  So in our Christmas stocking he would get Reese's and I would get something else because no one could get the same thing--so one Christmas I did point out that Reese's are my favorite candy too :)  All that to say that I am making these cookies for my brother.  My niece is supposed to be born tomorrow, so I figured I'd take him some cookies for their time in the hospital.  And I may keep a few for myself too!

No Bake Cookies
*2-3 cups Rolled Oats {I ended up using 3 not quite full cups to get somewhere in the middle} *4 Tablespoons Cocoa *1/2 teaspoon Salt *1 stick Margarine *2 cups Sugar *1/2 cup Milk *1 teaspoon vanilla
-Combine margarine, sugar, and milk.  Boil 2 minutes.  Remove from heat and add vanilla
-Combine oats, cocoa, and salt {I combined these while waiting for the other pot to boil} and add to heated ingredients and mix well.  
-Drop off on waxed paper using tablespoon.

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