January 1, 2015

Book Review: Restless

Restless: Because you were made for more by Jennie Allen

I read this book in May and into June and then in June and July I was a part of a small group Bible Study with some friends where we walked through this video series and an associated Bible Study.  I got a lot out of both times I went through it.  As people we fight for contentment in most moments and not always looking for what’s next, but this book was a good reminder of the reason for our restlessness--that I was created for more than I am doing right now, but that doesn't necessarily mean I need to find the next thing, it means I need to press into God in the right now and allow Him to work through that restlessness to show me a greater purpose for each day.  The book is divided into 3 parts.  The first part is what I expected this book to be: a guide through the feelings of restlessness, Biblical answers for what God says about His glory and our purpose and how to fight for that.  Then the middle of the book is a chance for self-reflection.  She walks you through 5 different “threads” to help identify that places of influence you have now, the gifts you have, the passions you feel called to, how your past plays a part, and how you can bring all of these things together to identify specific purposes to chase after.  Then she concludes with a few more chapters about living on purpose and untangling the dreams God has planted.  I was glad that though the subtitle of this book is “you were made for more” I walked away wanting to know more of God instead of feeling like I just spent 6 weeks focused on myself.

Highlighted Quotes:

Our generation could mark this earth and stamp it with the brand of a God who we all decided was worth it.  We tend to think that if we can land on our perfect purpose for our lives, we will finally be satisfied.  Hear me: we have complete access to joy and purpose right now.  Even with no grand vision from God, we have access to our Creator, and he is not hiding happiness from us.

Those of us who have been saved have been set apart for a great purpose-- and that great purpose if actually not a secret: we are to know God and make him known.  So we do not dream independently, and God does not sign off on our dreams.  He is the builder of our dreams.  We bring him our blank canvases, hand them over, and say “Whatever you must create to display your glory, do it”

I think in twenty years, we will regret more of the things we didn’t do than the things we did imperfectly

So if we know no place, no job, no marriage, no child is going to fulfill us perfectly, we can make the choice to quit fighting for happiness in all of it and start to fight for God’s glory in it.

You change the question from “Are my neighborhood, my workplace, my school, and my life stage making me happy?” to “Are my neighborhood, my workplace, my school and my life stage the most strategic places for my kids, my life, my story, my personality, and everything I need to preach the gospel?”

Trust God with the Cost...As women, we often forsee the cost to ourselves and the people we love, and we stop.But because God was building this dream, the very costs I most feared for my children have birthed the most character.

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