January 1, 2015

2014 Book List

I cannot believe I read 102 books this past year.  I always have loved to read which is why I thought it would be fun to see how many books I read in a year.  I know this year I read way more books than I ever have.  1 reason for that is because I was keeping track, so that added a little competitiveness in me.  Another reason is that I received a Kindle last Christmas, so it was a lot of fun getting to use that I started taking advantage of being able to check out ebooks from the library on my Kindle (you can do that with the Kindle app on a phone or tablet too, I just never had until this year).  It also doesn't hurt that I have weeks where I am a terrible sleeper and when I am awake for a couple of hours in the middle of the night reading is about the only thing I do.  

So here's the list
  1. An unbreakable hope by Kristen Billerbeck
  2. The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer
  3. The trophy wives club by Kristen Billerbeck
  4. I heart bloomberg 1-16 by Melody Carlson
  5. Chasing God 1-17 by Angie Smith
  6. *The Book Thief 1-17 by Markus Zusak
  7. Fair Catch 1-19 by Cindy Roland Anderson
  8. Redemption 1-20 by Karen Kingsbury
  9. Let them eat fruitcake 1-23 by Melody Carlson
  10. Spring Broke 1-23 by Melody Carlson
  11. 3 weddings and a bar mitzvah 1-26 by Melody Carlson
  12. Remember 1-29 by Karen Kingsbury
  13. Return 1-30 by Karen Kingsbury
  14. The Fault in our stars 2-1 by John Green
  15. Where we belong 2-9 by Emily Giffin
  16. Rejoice 2-16 by Karen Kingsbury
  17. The antelope in the living room 2-18 by Melody Shankle
  18. Reunion 2-20 by Karen Kingsbury
  19. Wedding night 3-1 by Sophie Kinsella
  20. Wild 3-10 by Cheryl Strayed
  21. The spectacular now 3-16 by Tim Tharp
  22. Paleo 3-19
  23. *Firefly lane 3-26 by Kristin Hannah
  24. Unbroken 4-5 by Laura Hillenbrand
  25. To live is Christ, to die is gain 4-6 by Matt Chandler
  26. Paige turned 4-8 by Erynn Mangum
  27. Forgiven 4-11 by Karen Kingsbury
  28. Found 4-13 by Karen Kingsbury
  29. Family 4-15 by Karen Kingsbury
  30. Moment maker 4-17 by Carlos Whittaker
  31. Forever 4-18 by Karen Kingsbury
  32. Born to run 4-27 by Christopher McDougall
  33. A series of unfortunate events 5-5 by Lemony Snicket
  34. *Daring Greatly 5-8 by Brene Brown
  35. Heart of the Matter 5-10 by Emily Giffin
  36. That summer 5-16 by Sarah Dessen
  37. *The Happiness Project 5-17 by Gretchen Rubin
  38. Sunrise 5-19 by Karen Kingsbury
  39. Keeping the Moon 5-24 by Sarah Dessen
  40. The moon and more 5-27 by Sarah Dessen
  41. Balancing it all 5-31 by Candace Bure
  42. *Restless 6-3 by Jennie Allen
  43. Bridget Jones's diary 6-6 by Helen Fielding
  44. Summer 6-7 by Karen Kingsbury
  45. Someday 6-10 by Karen Kingsbury
  46. *Another place at the table 6-15 by Kathy Harrison
  47. The reason I jump 6-17 by Naoki Higashida
  48. Sunset 6-20 by Karen Kingsbury
  49. Fly away 6-22 by Kristin Hannah
  50. A love that multiplies 6-27 by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
  51. Where'd you go Bernadette? 6-28 by Maria Semple
  52. The nanny diaries 6-30 by Emma McLaughlin
  53. Just listen 7-4 by Sarah Dessen
  54. Radical together 7-5 by David Platt
  55. Revenge wears prada 7-6 by Lauren Weisberger
  56. One small boat 7-7 Kathy Harrison
  57. China ghosts: my daughter's journey to America, my passage to fatherhood 7-13 by Jeff Gammage
  58. Take two 7-22 by Karen Kingsbury
  59. Looking for Alaska 7-23 by John Green
  60. Take three 7-23 by Karen Kingsbury
  61. Take four 7-24 by Karen Kingsbury
  62. Let's all be brave 7-25 by Annie F Downs
  63. The truth about forever 7-26 by Sarah Dessen
  64. An abundance of Katherine 8-2 by John Green
  65. Is everyone hanging out without me? 8-8 Mindy Kaling
  66. The husband's secret 8-10 by Liane Moriarty
  67. Something borrowed 8-16 by Emily Giffin
  68. What Alice forgot 8-21 by Liane Moriarty
  69. You don't know me 8-26 by Susan May Warren
  70. First love 8-31 by James Patterson and Emily Raymond
  71. *Big little lies 9-6 by Liane Moriarty
  72. Dating, dining, and desperation 9-15 by Melody Carlson
  73. Happier at home 9-16 Gretchen Rubin
  74. The art of neighboring 10-2 by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon
  75. Creature of the word 10-5 by Matt Chandler and Eric Geiger
  76. Jane Austen's first love 10-10 by Syrie James
  77. I quit sugar 10-10 by Sarah Wilson
  78. As young as we feel 10-12 by Melody Carlson
  79. Master your metabolism 10-12 by Jillian Michaels
  80. Hometown ties 10-17 by Melody Carlson
  81. The hardest peace 10-25 by Kara Tippetts
  82. All for one 10-26 by Melody Carlson
  83. The negotiator 11-2 by Dee Henderson
  84. Three wishes 11-5 by Liane Moriarty
  85. Jennifer 11-12 by Dee Henderson
  86. The last anniversary 11-17 by Liane Moriarty
  87. Leaving 11-21 by Karen Kingsbury
  88. Bread and Wine 11-22 by Shauna Niequist
  89. Learning by Karen Kingsbury
  90. Bridge to Haven 11-29 by Francine Rivers
  91. Longing 12-4 by Karen Kingsbury
  92. Every bitter thing is sweet 12-3 by Sara Hagerty
  93. Loving 12-10 by Karen Kingsbury
  94. A New York Christmas 12-13 by Anne Perry
  95. Please don't take my baby 12-14 by Cathy Glass
  96. I miss my mummy 12-18 by Cathy Glass
  97. The guardian 12-20 by Dee Henderson
  98. Will you love me? 12-22 by Cathy Glass
  99. A sugar creek Christmas 12-24 by Jenny B Jones
  100. Match made 12-25 by Erynn Mangum
  101. Another forgotten child 12-27 by Cathy Glass
  102. The truth-seeker 12-30 by Dee Henderson

Fiction: 69
Non-Fiction: 33

I read a lot more non-fiction books this year than in the past (even though I still read twice as many fiction as non-fiction).  I've always preferred fiction-and I still read a lot of fiction and easy books this year-but I read some really good non-fiction books.  I have separate blog posts of my top 5 non-fiction that I read as well as one with some of my favorite fiction books.  They are longer posts since I included some quotes that stuck out to me so I figured I'd leave them separately.

Top 5 Non-Fiction books for me this year were (not in any order):

For me these books where the ones where I walked away with the most information and application.  They are also the books that I highlighted the most.  So for my list they are the top 5.  I did read several other really good non-fiction stories this year that I would recommend such as Wild, Born to Run, Chasing God, Unbroken, The Hardest Peace, The Antelope in the Living Room, and To Live is Chris and to Die is Gain.

My favorite fiction books this year were
The Book Thief; Big Little Lies; and Firefly Lane

A book I could have done without
Balancing it All by Cameron Bure--I felt like this one was just a rehashing of her life story and not so much about how to balance several things

So there's the wrap up.  It's a long list and I had a lot of fun reading through them this year.  Looking forward to what I'll read in 2015!

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