November 30, 2013

DIY Ornaments

I decided I wanted to make a few ornaments to add to our tree this year and I was searching for ideas.  I saw several pins for Glitter Ornaments on Pinterest, so I decided to try those.  They are definitely popular and everywhere.  The lady who checked me out at Michaels told me that everyone is making them.  It made me hesitate a little, but I pressed on anyway.

I followed this tutorial (although I found a lot of tutorials and they were all very similar)

 I bought this 12 pack of glitter at Michaels with a 40% off coupon, so I had lots of color choices.  I used glass ornaments for mine, so I picked up the mop & glo to coat them

 I followed the directions pretty closely to swirl the mop & glo around each ornament to coat it (being careful not to shake the solution and cause bubbles).  

For the first few ornaments I applied glitter in that same way--swirling it around the edges until it was all covered--but I was having a difficult time covering the whole thing.  So then I started pouring glitter in and covering the top with my thumb and then shaking until it was all covered and that method worked much better for getting the glitter coating.

I made mine over our sink so if I spilled a little, it would just wash down the drain

I added a little writing with a paint pen and ribbons to finish mine.  Since we are both fans of our college teams I made some of these for our tree:

And then one with our name on it (year is on the back)
The other ornament is one that I saw on Pinterest when I first got engaged--we brought back some sand from the beach in Jamaica where we went on our honeymoon--and I put a little in a glass ornament for us to have on our tree.

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