November 15, 2013

7 days of Pictures

We spent Saturday evening with my family for my brothers birthday dinner. Since we were at his house, and being 2 is just really hard, I heard "no that's mine!" a lot that night 

And my brother had lots of help opening his gifts!

Sunday we went to the wedding for our friends Chris and Amy. I did not take a single picture so I borrowed this one... While it was bouquet and garter toss inside... It was car decorating time outside

Monday night we stopped before our UTD discussion group for my first red cup of the season. And there was lots of movement as they were bringing in all the Christmas merchandise

Tuesday the cold front came through, but without a cloud in the sky looks can be deceiving! 

I already posted about our Wednesday, but I did happen to take this pic of a part of me in my fuzzy socks and pjs 

Last night we went and bought something new to replace our wireless router. So I once again can use wifi in our entire apartment (it had been out about a week and I was sadly going crazy)

And this morning I brought my car in for its first oil change. Luckily I had my current knitting project in my purse to keep me occupied while I wait!  

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